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Posted Oct 20 2012 2:18PM

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How Many Massage Treatments do we do in one day

I don't think I have posted here before but just wondered if anyone knows how many Massage Treatments should we be doing in one day at a time?
I am newly Qualified and have worked but feel that there maybe a limit to what the company expects us to do.
Does anyone know if there is a limit? Thanks this will help a lot.
Catherine Hunt
Oct 23 2012 4:59PM
Hi Tracy

This is an interesting question and really depends on what you are practicing, where you are giving treatments and how you're doing it.

In practising Hands Free and Injury Prevention Massage I know what my personal limits are in relation to how many clients I would see in one day and how to maintain the quality of treatment as well as protecting myself from injury and fatigue.

I know some practitioners have their own limits, whereas other practitioners, due to the nature of their contracts are working very many more treatments than I would imagine giving.

What setting do you practice in? Do you feel you are being asked to give too many treatments in a day?



Catherine Hunt
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Carol Anne Greenwood
Dec 14 2012 10:05PM
Hi Tracy.
I practice Deep Tissue and Swedish, and can't wait to start on hot and cold stones and lymphatic (the next areas that interest me most).
I generally feel that if I am doing Deep Tissue all day, I try to keep to 4 hours of treatment in a 24 hour period, and try to give myself at least an hour between treatments. I naturally reflect this in my pricing.
Where as if I am doing a day of gentle soothing and "pampering" treatments, I can do as many as 8 hours in a 24 hour period - although I usually keep to 6 maximum (8 are only if I am doing a "Party" or group booking), and of course, it is rare that I get a full day of either kind of massage, so it is a balancing act, so I work hard to listen to my body, rather than the bank.
It is very difficult to know how to keep oneself safe and well, it has been trial and error in my case, to find your abilities and limitations - both are very important to learn and constantly review. It is the prescription of filling your working hours to the brim that has put me off working for a company or group. I feel I can give better at home, despite the extra work in running a Ltd company from my living room and being a full time single mother!!
I don't know what the feel is about massage swaps here, but I swap with one of the guys I trained with and those treatments keep me balanced.
As obvious as it seems, it never hurts to re-iterate, take care of you as a priority, and the rest will follow. Sure you will find what works for you soon!

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