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Posted by Mary Margot, Oct 25 2012 9:00PM

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I recently had a client who told me they were taking Thyroxine during the initial consultation. I thought this was a contraindication but she told me she'd had massage before. I said I'd look into it before treatment but I can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere as to whether it's ok to carry out a massage. Anyone come across this before?
Nicki Lee
Oct 25 2012 10:10PM
Hi Mary,

I've had quite a few clients with this, and just check that their medication hasn't been changed recently and that they are stable.

I also just checked my pathology book, which agrees shouldn't be a problem, although older clients with this may have cardio problems, but this is may be true of older people generally.

A book you might find extremely useful is 'A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology' by Ruth Werner - goes in depth system-by-system re contraindications and massage.

Best of luck,
Amanda Clegg
Oct 25 2012 10:49PM
Hi Mary

my mum's taken thyroxin for years since she had part of her thyroid removed coz it was hyperactive . All it does is replace the thyroxin normally produced by the thyroid gland. She has regular massage from me and her physio and it's never been a contra-indication. Hope this helps.
Mike Colquhoun
Oct 26 2012 12:21AM
Hi Mary
To back up the others I've had a patient on Thyroxin for years and she is a Doctor.
Yours aye Mike
Mary Margot
Oct 26 2012 9:39PM
Thanks everyone!

Nicki, I will definitely be investing in that book. Contraindications don't seem to be covered in much depth during the course.

Take Care, Mary
Alison Block
Nov 23 2012 7:50PM
Hi,I was just in the same predicument this evening a lady with the same thing told me she had a couple of massages before and other therapists never gave her a consultation at all,I explained that its only the once you need to go through a consultation with a therapist and then the therapist keeps it on record and its between you and your therapist. In the end I didnt give the treatment simply because i wasn't 100% I suggested asking for a medical note by her gp.

I was just wanting to know if i was giving her the correct advice .

would love to hear other peoples thoughts on the matter.



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