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Posted by Kim Spooner, Nov 1 2012 9:05AM

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ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage Case Study Query

Hi all,

I simply cannot get my head around how many people I need to complete the practise section of the ITEC Level 3 in Holistic Massage.

The wording is:

"36 treatments on a minimum of 15 clients. 16 case studies (minimum 8 people treated twice) plus evidence of an additional 20 treatments."

So I understand that I need to do 8 people twice to fulfil the case study section. It says a minimum of 15 clients - so if I've used 8 for the case studies, then that leaves me 7 to complete an additional 20 treatments on? So I'd need to treat them more than once but then they'd become case studies wouldn't they?

Really, I am not usually this slow, but I just can't work it out.

Please help!
Carol Gibbs
Nov 3 2012 7:35PM
I would go back to your tutor to clarify as it does sound VERY confusing. Just finished this course and we had to do 5 case studies (ie 5 clients) and a minimum of 4 treatments on each client. A grand total of 20 treatments as a minimum requirement. Yours does sound different but just come clean and say you dont understand. Brill course by the way....good luck!
Kim Spooner
Nov 4 2012 11:32PM
Thanks Carol and congratulations on completing your course! I wonder if they've changed the requirement for the new syllabus, maybe? I'll ask my tutor again and see if I can work it out :)
Sarah Chandler
Nov 9 2012 2:33PM
Hiya - I completed the ITEC massage three years ago - and I remember it confused me as well - Ive got my case studies at home - ill have alook and let you know but I think the "36" massages bit is that you can massage different parts of the body ie the legs, the arms, the back as separate massages - you can use the same person for each different part - I will double check this

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