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Posted by Hilary John , Nov 5 2012 10:00AM

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Baby Massage

Hi All

I am a qualified baby massage instructor and i was taught that we were to advise the parents of new babies to avoid the thumb and big toe during a massage as these parts of the body were still developing and were quite sensitive... is this correct and would i be right to be concerned if i knew someone was advising parents that they should be pulling and rolling the big toe and thumb during a massage on their baby. Sounds a bit picky i know but i want to make sure the facts are right!
Any thoughts would be great, Thank you
Hilary x
Kristel Horwood
Nov 5 2012 12:54PM
Hi I was taught the same - although I have found no mention in any of my baby massage books. I therefore skip the big toe and the thumb too.
Deborah Sheppard
Nov 6 2012 3:57PM
I wasn't taught this, but I was taught that fingers and toes should be circled very gently. I have found that very young babies quite often don't like having their toes massaged though- and advise parents to avoid this, if this is the case.

I've also seen young babies fall asleep while having their legs and feet massaged :)

Ersilia Arjocan
Nov 22 2012 3:46PM
If in doubt, hold!

I practise reflexology in addition to massage and energy therapies.

In reflexology, thumbs/big toes in particular, but also the rest of fingers and toes, represent the head/brain, and the neck.

I imagine the advice not to fiddle too much with baby's digits may also relate to this representation in addition to the actual infant A&P, so I would say be gentle and hold baby's feet/hands including all toes/fingers if you are concerned about conflicting advice.

Healing touch is sometimes enough.

Hope this helps.


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