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Posted by Inaki Medela, Nov 5 2012 4:43PM

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Professional manual therapist currently studying at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust:

I am looking for practice clients who could be interested in helping me to develop my skills.

Craniosacral Therapy is a 'hands on' therapy using very light touch that helps to access deep level of calm and restore the body's natural energy levels. Practice sessions are between 30-50minutes. This time allows for treatment and feedback-discussion.

Since I am a student I do not yet hold all the necessary skills to enable me to help you with any specific illness or injury you may have, however it may well be that the practice I carry out on you will have a noticeably benefitial effect.

Mobile 07984575296
N5 2PZ London-Islington

Jo Tison
Nov 13 2012 3:30PM
Are you still looking for people? Where are you based?

Inaki Medela
Nov 14 2012 1:03PM
Hi Joanna,

Great that you're interested!
I started the training a few weeeks ago and I am supposed to practice at least two times a week.
Doing well at the moment but the proceess is going to last 2 years so it is handy to have a base of practice clients to resort to when I need it.

Next week I'm seeing already two clients so it will be possible for me to work with you the following week.
I live in between Highbury Islington and Finsbury park, not far from Newington Green or Clissold Park.
Do not mind to travel to people houses to avoid them travel time.

I'll be happy to call you to answer any question you may have or explain you more.
My number is 07984575296

Many thanks


Jo Tison
Nov 14 2012 2:55PM
Great I shall send you a message.

Inaki Medela
Nov 15 2012 5:27PM
Hi Joanna,

Great you have a table and there are buses running from Brixton to your place. It makes things easier for me.

Please let me know if you will be available for the practice any of the following days: 26, 28 and 29th of November. It is fine for me to meet ot of office hours. I will need your addess as well and the bus number
that stops closest to yours.

Although you may have previous experience receiving Craniosacral Therapy, I let you know that it is a very gentle way of treatment. At the moment I have to stick to the rules of the training, so I will try on you the few things we already learned at the first seminar. In my experience it usually has a calming effect and feels like a deep rest.

Practice itself will last from 45 to 50 min. Afterwards we have around 10 min for feedback and comments.

Feel free to ask/tell me anyting you want to know/tell

Kind regards


Jo Tison
Nov 15 2012 5:41PM
Great I will text you the details.


Petya Tancheva
Nov 19 2012 12:20PM
Hi Inaki,
I live close to Walthamstow/Black Horse Road Station/Lea Bridge Road.
If you need someone to practice on you can visit me at my home. I have a massage table and oils.
Let me know what you think.Thanks,Petya
Inaki Medela
Nov 20 2012 4:52PM
Hi Petya,

I think it is great you are interested so thank you for the offer,
I completed the first of 10 seminars one month ago so at the moment I am suppose to practice a few basic things I've learned. It would be good for me to have you as a practice client at least once and after that you can decide it you want to keep helping me.

I do not need oils but is good that you have a table and I am happy to travel to yours.
Next week I'll be free Monday/Thusday/Friday afternoon and evenigns. Also weekend.
It would be helpful to know which days/time suits you better for me to have an idea and organize my diary.

This is my phone number:07984575296

Thank you for replying me.


Jo Tison
Nov 29 2012 11:30AM

Thank you for the treatment last night, it was wonderful experience!

Are you on LinkedIn at all to connect? Or my fb page is .

I would be interested in another session so let's keep in touch.

Inaki Medela
Nov 30 2012 1:44PM
Hi Joanne,
I really appreciate yor help so thanks to you too.
Social networks still resist me but I know it's going to be in some way good fo my work to join Linkedin or Facebook in the future.

I'll be happy to do the practice with yo again so text me or post me an email whken you feel like doing it.
AS I told you I won't finish the course until July 2014 so there is plenty of time and as the training progress it may become more interesting.

Have a good weekend!

Jo Tison
Jan 8 2013 5:45PM
Perhaps we could book another session in a couple of weeks? Hope you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!
Inaki Medela
Jan 8 2013 8:44PM
Yes, happy that you contact me again! I'll be quite busy until the 17th but from that day ahead it will be ok. I'm usually free at the time you can meet so just let me know which day will be good for you.

Cristmas and new year were all right.
Hope yours was fine too.

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