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Posted by Sue Hannaford, Nov 16 2012 3:35PM

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The Direct Tree - a new one to watch out for - good or bad depending on your views on discounting

Hi guys. Just had a call from someone from TheDirectTree (from phone 01225 640012) who was most upset that I didn't want to waste my time listening to him. Having looked at their site, they are trying to get businesses to sign up (he said it wouldn't cost anything but I couldn't find the free bit on their site).

They say " presents its users with an exceptional alternative to traditional business search. With people don't just search for a business, they search for a business based upon who's offering the best deals, discounts and offers in their area. It's this unique search principal that has attracted 500,000 subscribers in the last six months alone!".

They even have this on their website under the heading Hype!!!

So.... If you want to sign up and possibly pay for the privilege of giving discounts then these people may be for you. If, like me, you think that offering cheap treatments devalues what we do as professionals, then it may not be for you either. The other well-known issue with services like this is that you only get clients who are only looking for cheap services - there is plenty about this on other forums all over the web.
Amanda Clegg
Nov 16 2012 3:55PM
Totally agree - waste of time for us. I don't do discounts really - only for established, regular and loyal customers. These don't tend to come from 'get the freebie' type of advertising.

It's a moot point that if your income is based on your own time being paid for, then your profit margins are ususally such that there isn't scope for huge discouts and offers. I value my time and I expect my clients to do the same.
Ashling Cullen
Nov 16 2012 3:58PM
Well said. I think it's long overdue that therapists stood up and counted themselves as professionals in the world of healthcare. We have all trained hard, continued with our development, have insurance etc and it's long overdue that we are recognised for it. I have been on a little crusade myself recently, promoting the importance of the qualified therapist and when you go for a massage, what you should be checking for.
I really think we have to be united on this to highlight our standards, we are high quality therapists thus we only give high quality treatments.
Angelina Kelly
Nov 22 2012 4:35PM
Here, here. I agree entirely. It's nice to see that we therapists are now taking ourselves and what we do seriously by demanding respect including charging "professional fees".

I live in the republic of Ireland and we get this type of stuff here to, it's interesting to see that it appears to be universal.

I am on a similar crusade too and feel justified in doing so.

Good luck to us all.



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