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Posted by Amy Law, Nov 20 2012 11:51PM

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Inguinal Hernia

Hi, I have been approached by a client who is suffering from inguinal hernia which I have not treated before.

Her GP have advised her to have this operated but she rather use alternative therapies instead. She is already having hot stone massage and crystal therapy.

If anyone have experience with this she is happy for me to pass her details to the right person. She is based in London.

Hope someone can help.

Nicki Lee
Nov 21 2012 9:18AM
I'm wondering if your client understands exactly what a hernia is, and what is happening? If the intestine is pushed back into the body I suppose it's possible the fascia could heal up, if it's an extremely small hole, but my understanding is that usually they get worse and continue to tear and stretch without surgery. Apparently just coughing or sneezing or lifting could make it tear.
Massage to the area is totally contraindicated, in any case, although massage to other areas might help with general relaxation.
If your client sees a massage therapist who says they can directly help with this, I'm afraid warning flags would go up for me.
Best of luck,

Mike Colquhoun
Nov 21 2012 12:12PM
Hi Amy
I totally agree with Nikki. This is definitely one for the Doctor to assess and decide. If the recommendation is for an operation there is a risk of it strangulating and that could be fatal. This is a real no brainer.
Yours aye Mike
Amanda Clegg
Nov 21 2012 7:59PM
I'm completely with Nicki and Mike - I know western medic approaches do have some drawbacks, but one thing thing they are VERY good at is mending you structurally. This is like pinning a leg bone, only soft tissue. It DOES need to be stitched -stapled - or whatever, otherwise bits WILL fall out! At some point possibly very soon your client will be admitted to hospital via A&E as an emergency and will need life-saving surgery under extreme pressure, whereas elective surgery to sort it out now would be far less intrusive and disruptive to the mind, body and soul, and far easier for the hard-pressed hospital staff!
Amy Law
Nov 23 2012 2:11PM
What happened to this page?? Big gap in between, only realised the replies was right at the bottom lol! Thank you very much for your replies, that's very helpful I will inform the client.

Love & blessings,

Amy :-)

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