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Posted by Hilary John , Nov 23 2012 11:22AM

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Pregnancy Massage for SPD - Symphysis Pubis Dysfuntion - any thoughts

Having just done a course in Pregnancy massage and now offering it to my clients i am aware that i am not sure how to respond to the above question.. I know i need to go easy on the lower back and hip area due to pressure points etc but can any one suggest anything that i can do that i can help someone who is in pain who wants to come to me for a massage to see if i can help? seem to be having a mental block on this one.

any thoughts would be well received.. Thanks in advance. x
Sue Hannaford
Nov 23 2012 1:21PM
Hi there. I would go back to whoever you did your course with so that they can advise within the remit of your level of training. it is also useful to check who diagnosed it too. Obviously you can't fix it but you might be able to help with some of the symptoms. I would also do some of your own research into the condition and the anatomy involved you will then work out which of the "tools in your massage toolbox" will be appropriate. Hope that makes sense and helps.
Mike Colquhoun
Nov 24 2012 10:34AM
Hi Hilary
Susan is right and as your listing and details are not on the embody web site there is no way of knowing whether or not you have the knowledge to even think of tackling this problem.
If you would like to ring me [01626 852575] to talk it through I can probably help but I do need to know your level of understanding, the main problem is that in the last trimester of pregnancy the joints are very loose which is why the problem comes at that time and why it is easy to remedy but has to be done by a Therapist who knows what they are doing.
Hoping to hear from you
Yours aye Mike
Hilary John
Nov 24 2012 11:52AM
Thank you for you help - i have spoken to the client who isnt actually looking for someone to deal with that. all she wanted to know was if i would be able to do a relaxing massage on her upper back and shoulders and how she would be positioned on the couch. she is seeing someone already with regards to the problem and wasnt wanting someone else to treat it. phew... think that is beyond my skills at this stage but def something i might look into in the furture... i have emailed the lady who trained me but no response yet.Thanks for the help :-)
Pamela Rhatigan
Mar 12 2013 9:17AM
Anybody recommend a good place to trainin Pregnancy Massage ? Preferably in South London...Thanks

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