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Posted by John Dent, Oct 22 2006 10:20AM

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2 for One offer

Cindy Wingate asked about Mobile therapists.
It is really a commercial matter for the therapist as to the fees charged. If you are contacted by a reader with the right number of tokens you offer two treatments for one "treatment fee".
Just tell them what your treatment fee is plus your "visit" charge. You may not quote fees that way now but you will have built the travel cost into your fees anyway so presumably if you travel a long way to a client you now charge more than one who is "round the corner".
So if your fee is (say) £35.00 for a treatment and £20 for travel, you would ask £75.00 for the two treatments (£35 for 1st treatment and 2 X £20 for the travel)

John Dent
Cindy Wingate
Oct 23 2006 5:02PM
John, thank you for your advice. It is most helpful, and I shall bare it in mind.
Angela Rawlins
Jan 17 2007 7:18PM
Has anyone had people telephoning or emailing to find out how much you charge? I am convinced as are a few of my collegues that people try to find the cheapest.
Gillian Kenyon
May 18 2008 11:27AM
I have just received this from EMBODY - they are asking therapists to collect the vouchers and send them back. Why when we are not being paid anything for the vouchers- is it because all the other campaigns seem to have been so disasterous and EMBODY wishes to counter those claims ?.

I am however aghast that as this promotion is being run by Mosaic - and will be being paid for by Muller - why is it being taken as the second promotion for which EMBODY members have paid - It is not costing EMBODY anything - indeed, I would even ask, is this like the aborted ASDA promotion through Mosaic - are EMBODY being paid by Mosaic as well as being paid £20 by us members ?.

Second Embody Promotion begins tomorrow
From: Embody Promotions (
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Sent:18 May 2008 06:22:26

Dear Gillian The Müllerlight on pack promotion begins tomorrow, 2.5 million promotional packs will begin to hit the shelves tomorrow.

For terms and conditions see:

To help us monitor the response to this promotion, please can you collect all vouchers you receive and send them in to us at the end of the promotion to the address below.

Good luck
Martyn Nixon
Marketing Manager
Embody Embody Promotions
PO Box 6955
NN12 6WZ
Tel: 0870 005 2646 Fax: 0844 779 8898
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