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Posted by Henry Tang, Jan 11 2013 9:06PM

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Free or low cost ways to take credit card payments?

I believe I probably speak for the vast majority of us who are most likely sole traders working on their own, so therefore paying monthly rent on a credit card payment terminal and on-going costs on a merchant account probably wouldn't make economical sense, hence we most likely would only accept cash or cheque payments from our clients.

Within the past few months however, there have been a small handful of companies who are offering credit card reader devices which simply attach to any SmartPhone device (iPhone or Android); the on-going cost of running these systems to accept credit card payments from your clients is nothing except for the transaction fee associated with each payment. Some companies are even offering to send out the card reader to you totally free of charge too, like these people here:

I've just ordered one and taken delivery of one myself. Would be interested in hearing any thoughts or experiences from other therapists if they've taken the plunge to finally take card payments, especially if you've previously been put off before due to on-going operating costs which these new system now do not have to come with?

Govind Bharadia
Jan 12 2013 10:13AM
Hi Henry,

I tried to order one but registration page does not move from page 1, something wrong with the website maybe?


Henry Tang
Jan 14 2013 1:21AM
Hi Govind,

Do you mean the page where they ask you to register an email address, password and select the type of business?

I'm not aware of any problems... Have you tried on a different computer or using different web browser?

Deborah Pearce
Jan 14 2013 5:22PM
Another option that some therapists use (if there's internet access at their therapy rooms) is to set up a PayPal button on their website. They set up a PayPal 'product' equivalent to the cost of their session and then put in the client's card details via their website.
Mala Nathan
Jun 2 2013 5:01PM
Interesting thread. It would be good if CTha covered this topic in detail in their magazine.

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