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Posted by Hilary John , Jan 11 2013 9:17PM

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Happy New year all...

Just wondered what successful ways people have found of advertising their products and services when it was the very early days of setting up their businesses.. I have found Facebook to be quite useful but might have reached saturation point for a while?? any thoughts would be great!!

Thanks in advance.
Amanda Clegg
Jan 12 2013 1:12AM
local parish magazines seem to work quite well and are not too expensive, pamper evenings at schools, give away (time limited) vouchers for raffle prizes,
Deborah Pearce
Jan 14 2013 5:18PM
It's also worth getting out and about making connections in the community so people get to know you. Offering free taster sessions, giving therapy swaps etc so people know how good you are and will recommend you (remember to reciprocate with other therapists by making referrals back to them).

Also, make all your promotions work twice as hard - include your photo as well as your web address on everything. Make sure all your directory entries are accurate and up to date (eg Embody listing) and that your photo, phone number, email address and website address are included.
Deborah Sheppard
Jan 19 2013 11:21AM
Hi Hilary,

I have found Netmums to be a good place to advertise my pregnancy massage treatments and baby massage classes. I also advertise with a few local branches of the NCT. My local authority has regular 'Women in Business' networking events; they can be a good way to network with other business owners.

Good luck!

Hilary John
Jan 19 2013 9:35PM
Thanks all what a great start... Just explored the Net mums site and that looks great thank you. Got flyers for my health visitor and local baby group too now! One step at a time!! :-) xxx
Deborah Sheppard
Jan 19 2013 9:41PM
Good luck Hilary!

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