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Posted by Kim Ferrand, Jan 23 2013 6:32PM

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I have an opportunity to offer my therapies for a local council but stipulation is to be a member of either any of the Federations/Organisations: MAR, MBRA/FBRA, MIFR, MFHT/MICHT, BRCP or BCMA. I've looked into all of them and wondered as a Reflexologist/Massage Therapist which one would be the best for me all round? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Sue Hannaford
Jan 23 2013 6:56PM
Given that they seem to accept the FHT I am surprised they don't accept CThA... Some of the others look a bit expensive. I would talk to them and explain that CThA is also a multi-disciplinary association (like FHT) with a code of conduct, requirement for appropriate insurance etc. Perhaps get someone (Zara for example) to have a word with them to get CThA added? Or if they won't do that, to identify why not? Check if your qualifications qualify you for membership of CNHC (with CThA membership services) and if yes, that would be another convincer - ie say that you qualify for membership as a member of CThA, which should help with making CThA "good enough" for them to accept?

Let us know how you get on if you go that route.

What does anyone else think?


Kim Ferrand
Jan 23 2013 7:43PM
My thoughts exactly Sue and thanks for seems unfair CThA aren't in some companies health criterias, I will persue it and ask the questions. You're right about some being expensive and they vary quite a bit. I am ITEC qualified and eligable for CNHC membership which I probably will do as a matter of course.

Thanks again, and will keep you posted on the outcome...hopefully a positive one!

I would welcome any other thoughts and experience of similar situation.

Angela Rawlins
Jan 24 2013 3:14PM
Hi Kim

I also belong to The AOR, you can only get a MAR if you are a member. The membership fee isn't prohibitive. Some years ago, I decided to belong to the AOR together with the CThA because I wanted articles and information specifically Reflexology orientated. I found that the magazine was geared to a too varied aspect. I practice Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Thermo-Auricular Therapy, EFT, Medium ship and Spiritual reading.

I have been a member for many years now, before it became the CThA:)) What would I do if I were you, join AOR too:)
Kim Ferrand
Jan 24 2013 11:37PM
Hi Angela,

Thanks for your input, I will look into joining AOR, I'm contacting the company concerned tomorrow to put my case forward. Will posted outcome when I have one.

Thanks again,


Kim Ferrand
Feb 25 2013 8:47PM
Hi update on my situation. I contacted the healthcare company concerned 'Paycare 4 Work' and having looked into CThA they called me and agreed to add CThA to their list but just for Reflexology which is the treatment my tentative client wanted. A happy outcome and I am so glad I pursued the question, and a big thankyou for your comments and thoughts.

I think I will inform Zara of the outcome too.

Kind regards


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