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Posted Feb 1 2013 3:26PM

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Working On A Larger Client Experiencing Pain

Hi all,

For some reason have only just had my first larger client. I am completely happy treating her but because I am still in training I would like to ask some questions - mainly about being able to give the best massage possible to her.

While I'm not a medical professional nor do I know her BMI (nor do I have any interest to) I will not use the terms obese or overweight. Simply put there is a lot of adipose tissue to work with but the muscles are there and I can still feel the bones if I press down.

My client wanted a back massage which I was very happy to do as I feel my most confident at back massages. However when I started I could barely knead or alternate knead over her shoulders because of the pain she was experiencing (btw as soon as she expressed this I stopped immediately). I was only really able to do very light pressure which can't have really helped her muscles...right?

I know you'd really have to be there to help me properly and see what I was doing. But can anyone offer any advice for treating this lady? Why was she in pain? Was it her muscles or the adipose tissue? How do I relieve the pain in the muscles? The Trapezius especially. Is this because she is larger or is this unrelated?

Thank you for reading,

I'm sorry if the questions I asked were quite basic, I am really still learning and I just want to do right by my clients.

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