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Posted by Eleanor Fisher, Nov 23 2006 9:02AM

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Hopi Ear Candles & Tinitus

Has anyone treated this with Therm-Auricular Therapy?

I have a client who has suffered from this for the last 9 years following a whiplash injury. She has had 3 weekly treatments and has booked a further 3 but she has not experienced any difference in the noise in her ears.

How many treatments do you think she might need and will she experience a lessening of the screaming sound or could we expect it to stop completely?

Any advice would be welcome

Roushan Martens
Nov 23 2006 9:32AM
Tinnitus, as far as my experience goes, is a difficult one, and sometimes unresponsive to the candles. I have a study in pdf (acrobat) format on 'Complex Therapy of tinnitus', which may be of use to you. The study covers the use of the candles with homeopathy and herbs to help with resistant tinnitus. I can forward it if you send me your email address.
Eleanor Fisher
Nov 27 2006 7:02PM
Thanks, I'd be grateful to read your reply.


Gillian Greening
Jan 4 2007 7:03PM
check out the muscles on her face, especially the ones that tense up when clenching the jaw. I've had a lot of clients with the same 'tinnitus' problems but we discovered that the noise was caused by tension from the jaw. Its worth asking if they are tensing their jaw. Incidentally, it has so far been lady clients, all who have been having relationship problems.
Angela Rawlins
Jan 17 2007 7:00PM

I am also a Thermo-Auricular therapist as trained by Sue Maunsell.

I, have also suffered whiplash and had quite a few clients with it. It sounds like the tinitus may been caused through the whiplash and muscles need attending to. In my experience, whiplash affects the whole spine AND neck.

I would send any client of mine to an Osteopath for their spinal problems to be addressed as this is not my field but would recommend they return to ensure that their ears are rebalanced.

I also have found that anyone tensing or teeth clenching will have tight facial muscles that will stop the ear from draining properly and MAY cause tinitus.

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