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Posted by Roushan Martens, Nov 23 2006 8:17PM

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I think this might be a scam

I and a couple of friends have both received this text message:

"Hi, I'm wondering if still offer therapy work? After a magazine campaign for, I don't have enough people to refer therapy work to. We don't deduct from your fees we just need people a.s.a.p. If you can take some independent enquiries can you sign up for it online on the website it's the pink box under the sitting girl on the homepage. Many thanks Laura from Head to toe with LBL (if you have signed up please accept our apologies and delete text."

If you go to the site, they want a joining fee. If they're sending the message to as many people as I suspect, I doubt they will have work for everyone - proceed with caution!
Sharon Lorimer
Nov 24 2006 11:07AM
I received the very same txt message on Sunday. I too looked up the web site and discovered that there was a £19.99 joining fee and £39.99 annual fee thereafter per year.

I contacted one of the therapists already listed on the site to ascertain if they had received any business via the site and they said they haven't had any referrals at all from the site.

The txt message gives you the impression that this company are offering you work and that they are desperate for therapists. In fact all they are offering you is advertising space on their very new website. I for one will not be taking them up on their 'kind offer'.


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