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Posted by Anne Crease, Feb 22 2013 2:15PM

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Discount CThA IMPACT Wellbeing Instructor's Training Courses

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme (IWP) is an accredited programme of simple, adaptable and effective relaxation techniques. Adults attend a one day instructor's training and deliver the programme to the young people or adults with whom they work.

IWP is used in education, social care, the workplace and home. Instructor's resources via website login Contact for full details and application form.

£25.00 discount for CThA members,5 CPD credits and a relaxing day!

Request details of training now:
London, Waterloo, Saturday 16 March
Brentwood, Essex, Friday 22 March
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Pamela Rhatigan
Feb 22 2013 5:06PM
is this course a recognised accredited course or just CPD?

Anne Crease
Feb 23 2013 7:22PM
Hi Pamela

Thank you for your enquiry. The certificate of accreditation can be seen on the website Go to IMPACT Accreditation. The certificate says:

Touchline Training Ltd
ID Number: P63020
has been approved to offer the Course
IMPACT Programme - Wellbeing for Young
Reference: CI262 Credits: 5
The above named establishment has been approved to award
certificates of successful completion to those attending and
passing any assessment included.
Validity dates:
From 12/04/2012 to 12/04/2013
CThA Chairman
Complementary Therapists Association

The course is accredited for continuing professional development as a short course. It is not a core course such as AMP, aromatherapy etc which involves many more hours. It is suitable for use by therapists with level 3 anatomy, physiology and massage to use in their private work to enhance their provision and also for those who are working with groups in the community with people of various ages and with a range of needs. The website is informative and gives the resources provided for implementation.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of the training or its possible uses. The accreditation will be renewed this year (now young people and adults) and there is another course which is already accredited with another organisation which will join it - IMPACT Wellbeing Programme - KIND HANDS - for early years and parents.
Kind Regards

Pamela Rhatigan
Feb 26 2013 11:30AM
thanks I am now working on that the london date
Anne Crease
Feb 27 2013 10:03AM
Hi Pamela

I have sent course information to the email address given in your business listing. Please let me know if it fails to arrive!

Kind regards
Anne Crease (Trainer)

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