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Posted by Mariette Lobo, Apr 2 2013 11:54AM

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Maternity Reflexology CPD course at Body in Balance Therapies Training Centre : Syllabus

Body in Balance Therapies Training Centre
Maternity Reflexology CPD Course
Approved by the CThA (Ref: C1284) - 10 credits/CPD points
20 & 21 April 2013 (1st course)
(Dates for July, November and March 2013 to follow)
Aims and Objectives
Pre-course knowledge
Preconception care
The fertile couple
1. Male infertility
o Issues and hormones
2. Female infertility
o Issues
Female reproductive cycle
Assisted conception
The female pelvis and reproductive organs
1 Hormones in pregnancy
2 Fetal development
3 Placenta and membranes
Case history taking / Documentation
Changes and adaptation in pregnancy
1 Cardiovascular System
2 Respiratory System
3 Gastrointestinal System
4 Urinary System
5 Integumentary System
6 Musculoskeletal System
7 Endocrine System
8 Other

Minor ailments of pregnancy
Complications of pregnancy
1 Pre-labour
2 Onset of labour
3 Physiological changes of labour
Post partum
Reflexology in pregnancy and labour
1 Case history / Documentation
2 Conditions that can be treated
3 Benefits
4 Good practice
5 Reflexology in labour
6 Contraindications and cautions
7 Acupressure points
8 Do’s and Don’ts
The neonate
21 Century Maternity
Assessment (scenarios)

There will be two twenty minute refreshment (provided) breaks and forty five minutes for lunch (not provided) breaks.

Created by Mariette and Annette Lobo
2nd April 2013
Mariette Lobo
Apr 2 2013 10:46PM
The Maternity Reflexology CPD course at Body in Balance Therapies Training Centre will also run on the following dates:

27/28 July, 16/17 November; 8/9 March 2013.

An expression of interest won't secure you a place - but a £50 deposit (refunded in full if I have to cancel the course due to lack of numbers) will! Minimum number - 2 students (no less); Maximum number 4 students (no more).

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