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Practitioner Diploma in Colour Therapy - Commencing Saturday 27th July - Willenhall

Why Train as a Professional Colour Therapist?

• Are you searching for a new, rewarding career which offers a flexible lifestyle which will fit in with other family and career responsibilities and also allow you to make full use of your caring and intuitive side?
• Are you already working as a complementary therapist and looking for another set of skills to add to your existing services?
• Do you have an interest in colour which you would like to develop in a therapeutic way?
• If so, then training to be a Certified Colour Therapy Practitioner is almost certainly for you!

Colour therapy is extremely versatile and flexible in nature and can be combined with all complementary therapies or, indeed, as a separate therapy in its own right. So:

What is Colour Therapy?

In Colour Therapy full spectrum colour is used to help re-balance & energise the body on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Rather than offering one particular technique or approach, colour therapists utilize a wide variety of different techniques & applications to restore balance and therefore health and well being. Some examples of techniques include: work with coloured cloths or silks to cover the body, crystals, colour energised oils or waters, full spectrum lights and coloured gells, colour breath work and visualisations & art therapy.

Colour can have a profound effect on all levels of our working with different shades stimulates our natural healing processes. The brain perceives the visible wavelengths of light as various colours and each colour wavelength vibrates at a particular frequency. Colour therapists are trained to know that sub-atomic particles in the cells of the body also have vibrational frequencies and, when these frequencies are disrupted, illness can result. Therefore, Colour Practitioners make use of colour wavelengths to correct imbalances and 're-attune' the body's vibrational energy to restore harmony.

VENUE: Main College Campus, Clear Intentions, Graphic House, New Rd, Willenhall, WV13 2BG

COST: £600

Saturday 27th - Wednesday 31st July 2013

TIME: 10am - 5pm

For further information on this course and to book please visit

Tel: 01902 607320
Facebook Group:

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