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Posted by Debbie Murphy, Apr 5 2013 12:29AM

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Advice on MARKETING for a One-day Workshop


Can anyone give me some advice on how to advertise a one-day Workshop I'm running for Weight Solutions.

I am a Practitioner in Eating Disorder & Weight Solutions and the One-day Workshop looks at:

1) Psychological Approaches (what we do and why we do it) (Food Relationship)
2) Triggers
3) Practical Coping Skills
4) How the body needs food / cravings etc
5) Nutritional Guidance etc

It's a fantastic workshop with lots of exercises and learning.

Full details can be found on my website on the Workshop & Training Page

Many thanks.

Debbie :)
Deborah Pearce
Apr 6 2013 2:03PM
Hi Debbie

I'd recommend using a range of publicity methods to get maximum impact:

Traditional methods: adverts, press releases, posters

Social Media: Tweet like mad!

Mailshots: email your contact base with a specific email about the event

Networking: tell everyone, get the venue involved in publicising the event in their newsletter / social media interactions

Having said that, I did all of the above for a recent Happiness Course I ran and people who would have at least 4 opportunities to read about the course still told me they didn't know it was happening, so it's about keeping the energy going and don't just focus on one method of promoting it.

Also, it's worth keeping a note of anyone who expresses an interest this time around but doesn't attend, so you can target them with an email next time you run it.

Good luck!

Kind regards


Debbie Murphy
Apr 6 2013 3:19PM
Hello Debbie,

Thanks for the 'good advice'.

Kind regards,

Debbie :)

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