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Posted by Vikki Sivertsen, Dec 18 2006 1:56PM

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I have a client who has had 3 reflexology treatments with me. He has a very tender spot on his left foot near the bottom of his heel in the large intestine area. He wants me to press really hard on the spot, even though he is in agony when i do, there is also a significant movement and a clicking on the spot as i apply firm pressure. In the mornings he has no pain or discomfort in this area, but by evening time it can be quite uncomfotable. He says he is not experiencing any bowl problems. A colleage of mine is due to massage him, she will give an abdominal massage to see if she can pick up on anything. However, he came to me specifically for reflexology to work on this problem, but im wondering if maybe he needs referal to a podiatrist? If anybody has had a similar finding i would be interested to know the outcome.
Helen Dicks
Jan 10 2007 6:18PM
Hi Vikki,
I had a client some years ago with very tender areas on the soles of her feet. These areas didn't improve at all so I suggested she went to see her GP. She was eventually diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and needed insoles in her shoes and had to do strengthening exercises.
I would investigate the possibility of a mechanical problem and a visit to a podiatrist would probably be a good idea.
Helen Dicks
Angela Rawlins
Jan 17 2007 7:37PM

Having suffered plantaar faciitis - he'd know it if he had it. Remember that any pain in a reflex area may be past, present future!

You need to ask lots of questions about the bowel - bowel cancer is the second biggest killer. Does he check his bowel movements, not many people do? How is his prostate? Common cancer. Always refer the patient to their GP

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