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Posted by Paula Pluck, Apr 16 2013 1:35PM

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Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Diploma - Teacher Training 20 CPD points

TRAIN the TRAINER to teach Clients and Groups mindfulness. NICE recommended techniques to support your client group. This training is for you if you are in the well-being industry and want to empower your clients with simple yet innovative strategies for living a more fulfilling life.

SMARTfoundations gives you the skills to deliver mindfulness to your clients and develop your mindfulness business. You will also be given the out-line programme for your first 6 coaching sessions with your client or group. See for all course details.

Nice things people say about your trainer Paula Pluck and the course content:

“Paula is a compassionate & adaptive trainer in mindfulness and is able to personalise her training to any area which would benefit from this healthful and evidence based medium of reducing levels of anxiety and stress, whether that be in a work based situation or personal. Her training on how to "teach" our clients is clear, concise and fun to do. I would certainly recommend her to any business or centre of health care who are interested in mindfulness.” February 7, 2012
Karen Williams

“I have passed on the techniques Paula taught me to my client group, all of whom have experienced some form of psychological trauma. The results have been truly outstanding. They have enriched the lives of my clients and their abilities in coping with their conditions. I have also cascaded the practice of Mindfulness to my colleagues and have used the techniques myself - all with the same beneficial effect. I cannot recommend Paula highly enough.” January 31, 2012
Gary Millhouse

“Paula is a skilled & insightful trainer who reads group dynamics expertly & delivers top quality training with life changing results.” January 31, 2012
Anne Murray

“Paula makes teaching fun, inventive and gets the student to look outside the box, by attending training with Paula I have learnt so much and have been able to write and produce a full years Mindful package with exercise experiences that my groups can follow, without Paula's guidance I would never have achieved all of this. I would highly recommend Paula for all your training needs.” January 31, 2012
Julie Court – Mental Health worker

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