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Posted by Paula Pluck, Apr 16 2013 1:49PM

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Teacher Training Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Diploma - Plus 20 CPD points

TRAIN the TRAINER to teach Clients and Groups mindfulness. NICE recommended techniques to support your client group. This training is for you if you are in the well-being industry and want to empower your clients with simple yet innovative strategies for living a more fulfilling life.

SMARTfoundations gives you the skills to deliver mindfulness to your clients and develop your mindfulness business. You will also be given the out-line programme for your first 6 coaching sessions with your client or group. See for all course details.

Nice things people say about your trainer Paula Pluck and the course content:

“Paula is a compassionate & adaptive trainer in mindfulness and is able to personalise her training to any area which would benefit from this healthful and evidence based medium of reducing levels of anxiety and stress, whether that be in a work based situation or personal. Her training on how to "teach" our clients is clear, concise and fun to do. I would certainly recommend her to any business or centre of health care who are interested in mindfulness.” February 7, 2012
Karen Williams

“I have passed on the techniques Paula taught me to my client group, all of whom have experienced some form of psychological trauma. The results have been truly outstanding. They have enriched the lives of my clients and their abilities in coping with their conditions. I have also cascaded the practice of Mindfulness to my colleagues and have used the techniques myself - all with the same beneficial effect. I cannot recommend Paula highly enough.” January 31, 2012
Gary Millhouse

“Paula is a skilled & insightful trainer who reads group dynamics expertly & delivers top quality training with life changing results.” January 31, 2012
Anne Murray

“Paula makes teaching fun, inventive and gets the student to look outside the box, by attending training with Paula I have learnt so much and have been able to write and produce a full years Mindful package with exercise experiences that my groups can follow, without Paula's guidance I would never have achieved all of this. I would highly recommend Paula for all your training needs.” January 31, 2012
Julie Court – Mental Health worker
Kay Burden
Apr 18 2013 2:06PM
May I have more information on this please? ie when, where and cost?
Many thanks
Paula Pluck
Apr 23 2013 1:53PM
Hi Kay,

Huge apologies for the delay in responding to you, unexpected personal circumstances prevented my speedier response! Please accept a £25.00 discount voucher should you decide to go ahead.

I have attached the full syllabus for you.

To enrol on the course you will need to fill in the application and provide one reference, we like all of our teachers to have their own practice and relevant understanding relating to the course syllabus. Our courses are approved for insurance by the Association of Complimentary Therapists and The Federation of Holistic Healers, which means upon graduating you can get up to 5 million in insurance for public liability, giving you the ability to work in schools, hospitals and prisons.

Our teacher training is built off a framework of stress management and relaxation elicitation. We cover 6 coaching sessions over the two days which are very experiential and almost in parts like a mini retreat. You then have 12 weeks home – study detailed below, but again very experiential. I am the trainer on the June course so I have included some testimonials along with an application form.

Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor – Advanced Training

The Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness diploma teaches individuals and health professionals to become qualified instructors of relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. It has been designed to give you the tools you'll need to be a competent instructor, helping both yourself and others down the path toward relaxation, enhanced well-being and effective meditation practice.

On this course in Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness students learn how to teach relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness individually and to groups. Techniques include:

•Progressive Muscle Relaxation
•Inductions to relaxation - pausing the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight) and Eliciting the Para Sympathetic Nervous System
•Breathing exercises (4 techniques)
•Imagery (two sequences)
•Become aware of the Consciousness and how we can have a say in our well-being by how we think, speak and act
•Mindfulness (6 Practices) including object, eating, walking, gazing, breathing utilizing the senses using the qualities of beginner mind, curiosity and gratitude
•How to teach techniques to a group
•How to run meditation and relaxation workshops

Module 1 - We start by building a solid foundation in your understanding of:

1.1 Meditation Practice and its origination
1.2 Proven Scientific benefits of Meditation
1.3 Types of Meditation and Mindfulness Practice
1.4 Practice Techniques to reduce stress and elicit relaxation
1.5 Transformation happens in the heart not the head - what happens after the 'philosophical shift?'
1.6 Structuring your meditation practice and understanding the importance of posture
1.7 Cultivating awareness of your internal chatter.
1.8 Exploring your 'Brand' and 'Letting Go' of parts of your story which do not serve you.

Module 2 - we build on this foundation by exploring and practicing more in depth concepts, including...

2.1 Integrating Meditation Practice with Life's Daily Activities
2.2 Cultivating Presence and connecting with the miracle of nature including the yourself!
2.3 Examining how our thoughts determine how we feel and how we feel determines how we act
2.4 Dealing with resistance to meditation
2.5 Coaching Mindfulness Techniques - Breathe Awareness Techniques - Meditation Techniques including imagery and metaphor
2.6 The Mind-set = cultivating the qualities of 'beginner mind, humility, curiosity, surrender, acceptance, trust, patience, compassion and willingness

Module 3 – Develops the promotion of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness as excellent tools for stress reduction and enhanced wellbeing. We also cover a variety of practical material related to your work as an Instructor, including...

3.1 Principles of instruction - principally the qualities of the teacher reflecting what the practitioner wishes to cultivate themselves in learning
3.2 Exploring Consciousness and conditioning - recognising thoughts are not facts
3.3 Communicating the Benefits of Meditation
3.4 How to use meditation and mindfulness for quick and easy stress reduction
3.5 Planning Meditation Classes and/or Private Instruction
3.6 Communicating with your students the benefits of meditation/mindfulness
3.7 Promoting your Meditation Instruction Services

Accredited Post Graduate Qualification in Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness requires 60 hours of learning and 16 hours of supervised skills development.

Assessment for the Diploma in Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness occurs through:

1. Supervised skills development practice 2. Two Session Plan Outline (one 1hr and one 3hr workshop) 3. Delivery of 10 minute relaxation session 4. Reflective learning journal 5. Record of Fifteen to twenty minutes of personal practice twice daily for six weeks.
6. Two book reviews, from a reading list A4 7. Production of a recording (C.D.) of progressive relaxation and guided meditation.


Applicants need to: Have acceptable qualifications, in related areas e.g. health professionals, HR professionals and those working in the field of physical, mental or emotional well-being. Or be able to demonstrate that their accumulated knowledge and skills is equal to the requirements of the above.

Complementary Therapists Association

CThA Approved Core Therapy Status

Benefits – 20 CPD points

All students that obtain a CThA Approved Core Therapy qualification will automatically be accepted as members.

All Approved Core Therapy or Post Graduate Qualification therapies are automatically accepted for addition to the professional’s register of treatments and will be covered by our insurance.

COST: £375.00

Paula Pluck
Managing Director

Tel: +44(0)7507 703854

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