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Posted by Kathryn Kemp, Apr 24 2013 6:12PM

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I've been approached by these people today - wanting £299 + VAT to join a directory for GP's to view to find "recommended therapists" for their patients. Anyone else been approached? Intrigued as they approached me about a therapy I don't actually offer, and who is doing the "recommending"...

Interested in people's opinions - thanks.

Nicky Dyer
Apr 24 2013 6:23PM
Don't do it!
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Apr 24 2013 6:27PM
Daer Kathy,

This forum is full of similar companies claiming to be involved with GP's. They are all scams.

The only way to be seen in a GP surgery is by talking to the practice manager and advertise, place leaflets in the waiting rooms.

Don't waist money.

Good luck,

Angela Rawlins
Apr 24 2013 6:27PM
DO NOT DO IT!!! Big con. As long as people get reeled in, these scams keep perpetuating!! I got caught some years ago and cost me a lot of money for no return.!
Hilary John
Apr 24 2013 7:33PM
Oh my god i had this a few weeks back, They hounded me for 3 weeks (2 phone calls every day) i will admit i ignored the calls. I cant afford advertising at the moment among other things anyway. When i asked where she had got my number from she said she had got it from my GP surgery.. I am not advertising there, only place i am doing any advertising is on facebook and word of mouth so a blatant lie to start with, and pretty sure even if i was advertising at my local health centre they wouldnt just give my number out anyway???? After 3 weeks of ignoring the calls she got the message and stopped. Dont go anywhere near. She was trying to convince me that it was for a new brochure that was going out in packs to new mums in my area. All GP surgeries in my area so approx 600 surgeries so a lot of new mums. Over £300 for quarter of a page of A5..... rip off!!!
Kathryn Kemp
Apr 25 2013 8:05AM
Thanks - I wasn't going to do it - been around far too long to be conned out of my hard earned money!

I think its a good idea we post these things though so the less experienced can be warned.

Angela Rawlins
Apr 25 2013 9:20AM
Hi Giuseppe, could you request that CThA put smother warning in the newsletter and magazine please?
Kathryn Kemp
Apr 26 2013 1:43PM

My friend is currently being hassled by a company called HSB wanting £850 plus for "guaranteeing" to put you on a hospital discount register so the staff all use you - BIGGER SCAM..!!


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