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Posted by Ashling Cullen, Apr 24 2013 11:47PM

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April meeting update

Hello All,
Isn't it lovely to see the sunshine at last? So welcome after the long winter we’ve had. I know you’re expecting a reminder of our next meeting but would you object if I postponed it for a few weeks?

I've spent the majority of the past month in bed. Unfortunately I’ve been suffering from a serious chest infection for over a month, I had it for a couple of weeks or so and then it went on its merry way. I then did some deep clearing energy work which was great but the chest infection returned with a vengeance. Today and yesterday are my first proper days that I’m feeling anywhere near normal but I know I’m not up to full strength yet. I can now breathe without it hurting me and I’ve stopped sounding like Darth Vader, though I still sound like I’m on 40 cigarettes a day when I do cough.
Therefore, would you mind if I postponed our meeting for a few weeks please? I would rather know that I’m fully recovered instead of cancelling at the last minute due to a relapse. The one good thing to come out of it is that with the violent coughing fits I had, I’ve developed a 6-pack!
I’ve pencilled in Friday 24th May as a possible date for out next meeting – Chocolate and nutrition at Sidcup AEC.

February 2013 meeting: Sonic Meditation
I would like to thank everyone that attended our first meeting on Friday 8th February 2013 and a big thank you to Judith Quin for the Sonic Meditation talk and experience. I know I felt a little apprehensive before we started as quite frankly my Donna Summer impression is best left in the shower but I needn’t have worried. We used sounds and I think that everyone soon dropped their fears of thinking they were out of tune and relaxed into it; the time just flew by.

If you’ve tried meditation and couldn’t get on with it then Sonic Meditation may be for you as using the sounds stops your mind from wondering (you won’t be thinking of the ironing). 
If you couldn’t attend the meeting or want to attend regular Sonic Meditation sessions with Judith, then see here Sound-Circle-Meditation/about/ for details

After we completed our meditation, Judith went through vocal coaching techniques and gave us tips that we could put into practice A, E, I, O, U anybody?
Following on from this, we discussed other do’s and don’ts of public speaking and each did a 60 second pitch. I hope you’ve been practicing, since if you know it in your sleep then you won’t feel as nervous when you have to stand up in front of strangers and sell yourself.

Our additional talk came from Tania Waller who spoke about Neuoflexology, a brand new therapy working on the feet and lower legs. Tania has posted details on the forum for training in this new therapy so do check there for booking details.
Thank you
Warm regards
Sharon Weekes
Apr 24 2013 11:56PM

We are both up on our computer quite late this evening. I have never come along to one of your meetings. I live in Brockley and feel a little isolated working alone sometimes.

Am thinking of coming to the group on 24th May can you give me the address and what time you are hoping to kick off.

Good to hear you are feeling so much better.

Sharon Weekes 07940251256

Sleep well!!
Kelly Judd
Apr 25 2013 9:10AM
I'm also a new member. I would like to come along on 24/5 depending on what it is. Please can you confirm the time of the meeting.

Many thanks,

Yvonne Webb
Apr 25 2013 9:31AM
Get better soon Ashling

I am sorry I cannot make 24th May.

Janet Whitehead
Apr 25 2013 11:08AM
Hi Ashling

Sorry to hear about your illness and glad at last on the mend, weather helps. I'm afraid I am teaching on 24th but will hope to make a later date, look after yourself Jan
Chantal Fabrice
Apr 25 2013 4:40PM
Sorry to hear you've been poorly Ashling, I hope you get better soon!
I don't know about 24th May yet...
Take care,
Barry Alexander Leaf
May 12 2013 10:51PM
Hope you get well soon Ashling. Please could let us know if the meeting is on the 24th May at Sidcup AEC and what time it will be. Thank you. Barry & Kathy Leaf

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