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Posted Apr 26 2013 3:04PM

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getting more clients

I am a massage therapist in full holistic and indian head massage. Ive been doing it part time for 1.5 years and still only have 3 regular clients. Can you please help how I can get more clients without haveing to keep paying out for advertising.
Ive tried twitter, facebook, and word of mouth.
George Dunmow
Apr 29 2013 10:52AM
Hi, Have you drawn up an action plan to move your practice forward?
If you have, what could you add to your plan to attract new clients?
Jasmine Brown
May 2 2013 12:22PM
Hi, have you joined groups in facebook? Are there local events that take place, charity events, college events, local pamper events etc theses do get advertised in groups on facebook and they do ask that any therapists taking part are insured, qualified etc.. Most organisations running events advertise and if they do so with booklets they only ask for only a small charge for your advertisement to be included, so even if you could not attend an event you could still advertise in their promotional materials. Mum to Mum Markets sometimes have goody bags they give out to customers with local marketing materials from local businesses where you could put flyers in etc... Family Centres usually have notice boards, you could ask if you can put leaflets up on their boards, (the centre where my children go to school do this free of charge. Have you advertised in net mums? Speak to other therapists in your area that are maybe in a different field to yourself, ask how they advertise, build up relationships with other therapists.
It is very difficult when you are on a budget, I am a mum of two and I am also on a tight budget but you have to just put yourself out there, if no one knows you exist your client list will not grow.
I hope things improve for you xx

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