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Posted Apr 27 2013 7:43PM

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Thai Yoga Massage qualification/accrediation

I am a qualified yoga teacher holdimg a 2yr BTEC Prof Dev Diploma in the Pactice & Teaching of Yoga. This included anatomy and physiology to a level equivalent to ITEC massage diploma requirements. I have insurance through Balens.

In December I completed a 30hr basic Thai Yoga Massage course in Thailand at a school in Chiang Mai. I have been doing regular once or twice weekly massages for friends and family and have added my student practice of this therapy to my Balens insurance.

In June I am returning to Thailand to do another 30hr Professioanl training with the same school, plus two other sub-trainings, both 3days - elbow massage techniques and a foot massage course.

I want to know how these trainings are viewed in the UK. They are from a school whose training have been recognised by the Minstry of Education of Thailand. Would I need to do an exam in the UK to gain some kind of accreditation?


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