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Posted by Barbara Towli, May 29 2005 9:39PM

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Seated Acupressure Massage

Can I just come along to this meeting and, if so, can I bring a friend who does not belong to the association. Do we have to pay for these evenings?

Look forward to hearing from you

Barbara Towli

Suzanne Zacharia
May 29 2005 10:09PM
Hi there,

Of course you can bring a friend. I'm afriad I'm a volunteer and I personally rent the space, so there is a charge to cover expenses. Having said that, you can claim it against tax, and oif you need help with that, talk to me, you may be pleasantly surprised!

The charge is only £5.00 for members, £7.00 for non-members, and £4.00 if you can prove you deserve a concessionary price. The first 10 non-members to walk in can come in for £5 too!

Now there has been a slight change in schedule, we will be concentrating on marketing, your practice, hints and tips of starting out and developing an existing practice, charging and all that stuff that nobody tells you about. It will also be a chance to tell me what you would like to see at future meetings.

I think any meeting is well worth it for the contacts and the information, and you never stop learning.

I look forward to seeing you and your friend there!

Suzanne Zacharia
Central London Coordinator
07939 72 39 24

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