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Posted by Pamela Bracken, May 21 2013 10:29AM

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Pay as You GO Chip & Pin £39.99

Pay as You Go Chip & Pin keypad for £39.99
Take secure payments using your mobile
Easy to sign up and use, the pocket sized keypad works with the Worldpay payment app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, so you can take payments anywhere

Chip & Pin keypad for only £39.99 normally £59.99 (inc VAT) - £20 saving

No joining fees, tie-ins or monthly fees – simply pay as you go

2.75% for debit and credit card transactions

1.To start your application visit

2.On step 1 of the application form in the ‘Where did you find Worldpay’ section, select ‘Referred by a friend’ and enter Remedies TS21 2ET in the space provided

3. If the application is approved by WorldPay, you will receive a £20 discount off your keypad (this discount will be applied on the first invoice you receive)

They wont tell you unless you ask but you will also be able to take customer not present payments - very useful for advance payments over the phone or retail sales. The cheapest we found was £90 for the machine but couldnt take customer not present payments
Kind regards
Pam Bracken - Remedies 01388 720146 Mobile: 07949 503847 Email:
Caroline Gaskin
May 21 2013 11:38AM
Thanks so much for this looks really good. Have you been using it? And for how long? In beauty or holistic therapy? Would be great to have your feedback on it. Thanks Caroline
Caroline Gaskin
May 21 2013 11:39AM
I just looked at the rest of your link and web page, seems like a good scheme. Great idea with the referrals too, Caroline
Zsu Kulcsar
May 21 2013 12:07PM
Dear Pamela,

Could you please send a link to the Worldpay website section you're referring to because I can't find the pay as you go option.

Thank you
Zsu Kulcsar
May 21 2013 12:08PM
Oh, I just found it, thank you
Abigail Thomson
May 21 2013 4:38PM
i have just signed up to a company called sumup they don't charge for the machine which you connect to your mobile phone and only charge 2.75% per transaction has anyone else used them? are they any good, what are the pros and cons
Pamela Bracken
May 21 2013 8:04PM
Its not one I've heard of. The main thing is that they are recognised as safe, and also a biggy for us was that we could take customer not present transactions. This enables us to take advanced payments and retail sales by phone from clients
Zsu Kulcsar
May 21 2013 8:53PM
Sumup doesn't charge for the reader because there is no reader... I think
I'm pretty sure they are safe as well but I don't know anything about the client not present option
better ask
Abigail Thomson
May 21 2013 8:58PM
thanks for the feed back sumup do have a reader but not a keypad it attaches to your phone or ipad
they say they do, not present clients charges

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