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Posted Jun 2 2013 2:20PM

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aromatherapy oils used in cancer treatment.

what are the best oils to use (carriers and essential oils)which work well with clients with cancer or are in remission fronm cancer.
What oils should be avoided or never be used when working with cancer patients or those in remission.
Pamela Bracken
Jun 3 2013 12:59PM
Thank you for your question. I would refer the client to an aromatherapist who has been trained in treating people with cancer. Some oils could make them very sick or may react with medication
Maria Varela
Jun 5 2013 11:23PM
There are courses that would teach one the skills to use aromatherapy for palliative care.

I am attending one at Citylit, plus there is another one that St Christopher's Hospice organise on 18th June. I would recommend attending these, they are one day workshops.



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