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Posted by Ashling Cullen, Jun 14 2013 10:28AM

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New Location hence new meeting time

Hello All,
Copy of the email sent out this week:

Firstly thank you to those who attended our last meeting, we we're treated to a talk on Art Therapy, really fascinating stuff. We also discussed business support with recommendations on logo design and business card printing. :-)

Our next meeting was due to be held this Friday however, I have been researching new meeting locations as I felt that they needed to be closer to additional public transport and also, it is no longer easy for me to reach Sidcup on time for the meetings.

Our new meeting location is The Coffee Lounge in the heart of Woolwich. Less than a 5 minute walk from Woolwich Arsenal Railway and DLR stations and surrounded by plenty of bus routes.

The location was only confirmed today so I'm postponing this Friday's meeting by two weeks to Friday 28th June, same time 19:30 to 21:30. I thought this the right thing to do as some of you may need to make arrangements for childcare if this means you have to be out longer, on the flip side some of you may find it easier to attend meetings and now need to arrange childcare.

I'll send out more information on the exact location in another email but need to do so from my computer and I'm on my mobile at present.

The topic for our next meeting is Fitness. You may be familiar with aerobics and step but what about all the other exercise classes that seem to have exploded onto the scene in the recent months. You may have clients asking you about different exercises and what areas of the body they target. Well worry no more, fitness pro Emma McCarthy will be explaining all and she's also agreed to talk on how she runs her business, so you may pick up some helpful tips.

Please can you RSVP to let me know if you can attend? The cost is £3 and I need to know numbers please.

Thank you.

I feel as though I have typed up a book on this phone. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards

Susan Tannatt
Jun 14 2013 5:53PM
Hi Ashling,

I am afraid I will not be able to attend the new venue - sorry.

Are there any other meetings held closer to the old location?

Best wishes.

Susan Head
Jun 16 2013 12:23PM

Hi Ashling,

My name is Susan Head and am will be attending your next meeting in Woolwich on 28th June at 7.30pm.

many thanks

Brenda Moses
Jun 17 2013 7:48PM
Hi Ashling,

I will be coming from New Oxford Street,Central London so I
appreciate that you have moved closer.

I will be attending.

Brenda Moses
Michelle McFarlane
Jun 17 2013 9:12PM
Hi Ashling,

That's a shame that the venue has changed. I do hope there will be other venues available. For personal reasons please accept my apologies for the meeting on the 28th. Hope to see you at the next one.

Many thanks.

Ashling Cullen
Jun 18 2013 1:56PM
Thank you all for your replies. Meetings have been held in Kent for a number of years and I have always travelled to them (even before I was the coordinator) but I now can't guarantee that I will be able to get to Kent on time, hence why I have moved them.
I selected Woolwich as it is served by the railway, DLR and plenty of bus routes. I will put up a separate post including details of parking and the bus routes.

Warm regards


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