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Posted by Dora Masullo, Jun 24 2013 5:40PM

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I'm looking for quality massage oils


I'm a part-time swedish massage therapist. When I first qualified I worked with oil and then years later as my techniques improved I switched to using Biotone deep tissue lotion.

I would now like to start using oil again, but rather than use Neals Yard products I thought I would try to search for another home grown, but smaller business that produces and supplies quality base massage oils (made from natural ingredients, organically-produced and cold-pressed etc)

Can anyone recommend a London based company?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Laurel Bruce
Jun 24 2013 9:10PM
Hi Dora

I too am also a part time mobile massage therapist. I currently use a company called naturally thinking (, they are similar to Neal Yards but a lot cheaper. Their oils are organic and cold pressed. They have a very good quick delivery time, if Odets are placed before 12 they can deliver next day.

Have a look and see what you think?

Hope this helps

Kind regards
Janice Hamilton
Jun 25 2013 10:54AM
Hi Dora

I'm a qualified aromatherapist and I use a company called Aromantic, who are based in Forres, Scotland but source their oils from a variety of places i.e. Calendula is sourced from a small grower in Wales - they offer a wide range of organic vegetable oils used for making natural skin care and cosmetic products. Also avilable are recipes, equipment and they have a helpline with very experienced, knowledgeable staff - they also run classes in Scotland and London showing you how to mix oils, lotions, and potions and how to make your own range of toiletries, creams, etc. They are very reasonably priced and orders can be done online or by phone - their website is certainly worth a look -
Dora Masullo
Jun 25 2013 12:33PM
wow - that's fantastic! thank you Laurel & Janice for sharing, much appreciated.

(Laurel - nice to hear from you. we worked together on the deep tissue course)

thank you again
Laurel Bruce
Jul 3 2013 6:33PM
Hi Dora

Sorry I didn't recognise the name, good to hear from you too. I hope the info helped?

Take care

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