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Posted by Dora Masullo, Jun 24 2013 5:50PM

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Massage for pre-schoolers


I'm a qualified massage therapist looking for a London based course on massaging young children from ages 5-10.

My internet searches bring up baby massage courses, but nothing specific to the ages above. Maybe a course is not necessary? I've read that massage can be beneficial for children who have problems with sleeping and I have a client with a 5 year old who doesn't relax well and wakes up every night.

I would love to hear from anyone experienced in this area.

If you're able to offer help or advice on the subject that would be great.

Thank you very much!

Janice Hamilton
Jun 25 2013 10:34AM
I am a qualified massage therapist as well and haven't done any baby or children specific courses, however, I've had a couple of clients bring their children to me for different reasons - what I did was work towards their specific needs but found that massaging, hands, legs, face and particularly feet seemed to relax all concerned and they all reported feeling relaxed (obviously in their own words) and all slept well. I also found that about half an hour was sufficient treatment wise, they didn't seem to need the same treatment time as adults. The other thing is I have advanced disclosure so you might want to just check with your insurance company - mine required that a parent was present at all times unless I had disclosure. Hope this helps.
Dora Masullo
Jun 25 2013 12:37PM
Hi Janice

Thank you for your response, which was absolutely helpful. Good point re. Insurance. I will look into that ASAP!

Great, thank you again

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