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Posted by Hilary John , Jul 11 2013 7:17PM

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humour me....

I have a question i am pretty sure i know the answer to but i just want to be clear on it please. When training in a subject (something that take a year for example) am i correct in thinking you cannot offer this as a paid treatment to clients until you are qualified in this subject? From my understanding we are only insured as students in that subject until we have provided the certification that says we are fully qualified, therefore to offer a client that service as a paid for service (and advertise the service as well) this isn't allowed...or have i missed something here? I just want piece of mind really, Thanks in advance x
Jo Webb
Jul 11 2013 7:29PM
Hi Hilary
I agree with you, you could ask for a contribution/donation whilst training but are not covered by insurance until qualified
Nicki Lee
Jul 11 2013 7:35PM
Hi Hilary,

In general you're right. However I would suggest there is a little leeway, depending on what you are doing. So if you are already a therapist and you are learning new techniques you may be able to incorporate those into treatments you are already offering. However if it's something completely new, probably not. To give a better answer I'd need to know more about your circumstances.

I'm thinking, if you are already a massage therapist and you are learning Indian Head Massage, you could incorporate some of the movements as you already are trained and insured in massage. But if you were learning something which required new equipment - such as hot/cold therapy, hot stones, electrical devices - you'd need to wait for certification.

Also, of course, in the end you can always check with your insurance company.

All the best,
Hilary John
Jul 11 2013 7:45PM
Thanks both - i was pretty sure i knew the answer to the question i was just checking as i spotted something earlier that i wanted to check, but it is a whole new subject involved. I wanted piece of mind for me that i was doing things correctly and that i guess deep down i wasnt missing out :-)
thank you xxx

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