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We have received this from Commissioning.GP in response to the discussion on this thread:

Hi, I’m the editor of Commissioning.GP and just wanted to clarify a few things about the CAM directory featured on our website. It’s not a scam, but a way of promoting yourselves to GPs and other health professionals through an online micro site dedicated to your practice, which can feature information, pictures and videos. We are building links with all CAM Professional Associations/Colleges/Institutes so we can work together to help promote CAM therapies directly to patients and GPs.

The introduction of Any Qualified Provider (AQP) was supposed to allow patients greater choice and flexibility with where and how they are treated. However, the NHS’s AQP directory held on Supply2Health does not live up to this expectation with few CAM therapists featured on it; in some areas there are none. We will therefore fill this gap, allowing patients to choose a CAM practitioner from our database.

Alongside this, we are also intending to promote the use of CAMs directly to the NHS and government, through petitions, raising awareness and publicity that our campaign will create.

We are hoping to stimulate a debate in government about the vital role CAMs play in the treatment of patients and increase the ease in which patients can be referred to CAM practitioners. Ultimately, we hope for CAMs to be considered the same as current treatments available on the NHS in terms of funding and accessibility.

It is, of course, entirely up to you if you want to be included. There is more information on the website, or you can contact me directly if you want to hear any more about the campaign: khough[at]

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