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Posted by Kaye MacKinnon, Jul 19 2013 11:48AM

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Sleep Apnoea

Hi, I am a reflexologist and would welcome any advice on treating a client with sleep apnoea? Kaye MacKinnon, Nr Stalham, Norfolk
Janice Hamilton
Jul 19 2013 12:17PM
Dear Kaye

My colleague has "obstructive" sleep aponea and his suggestons are:

1. Find out what type of sleep aponea your client has as there thought to be 3 types, the most common of which is obstructive. This means that if your client becomes very deeply relaxed or falls asleep they may stop breathing for a period of time - when the brain is starved of oxygen it automatically jolts you back into breathing again, often accompanied by a guttural sounding intake of breath through the mouth which can be quite unnerving for those not used to it. If you feel confident enough not to be phased by this then let your clients relax as deeply as possible. If your client uses a CPAP machine and they do like to deeply relax then perhaps you may suggest to them to bring the machine to the therapy and use it as this will keep their airways open continually.

Good luck
Kaye MacKinnon
Jul 26 2013 9:13PM
Hi Janice, good advice. It was a home visit, he does use a CPAP but doesn't like it. He has been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea, but he thinks he has a combination of the first and second type, though Papworth dispute this. He and his wife sleep in separate rooms because of this. He is overweight and has a thick neck, he really struggles to lose weight. He told me what happens when the SA occurs: he usually goes purple then wakes with a jolt. I felt happy to continue as he did not think this would happen. I followed a specific routine advised for SA and contrary to his thinking he did become very relaxed. He said that he was quite amazed at how energised he felt. When I saw him a couple of days later he said that he reported that he had experienced a really good night's sleep two nights running which was virtually unheard of. He is keen to make further appointments. Thanks Janice.
Janice Hamilton
Jul 27 2013 12:21PM
Well done Kaye, glad it went well.
Kind regards

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