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Posted by George B., Jun 3 2005 11:04AM

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Embody Lecture Programme, Earls Court, 11th-12th September 2005

This information will also be in the magazine, and all members will be mailed with a booking form shortly.

Sunday 11th September ‘05

11am – 12pm – Garey Hall, “Why Gel?”

A must-attend lecture for all those looking to go into the nail business and wanting to compare and contrast systems, also a must for experienced nail technicians who are either not happy with their current system or would like to look into offering gel to complement their existing services.

For the future of nails, look no further than Garey Hall. Garey’s vision and creativity in nails have got him known as the ‘Nail Guru’. With his sound business acumen combined with his creative talents, he is fast becoming the household name within the industry. Garey has been in the nail industry for over 12 years, successful in his own salon for 8 years. Garey came fourth in the Las Vegas Nail Olympics and conquered the British Beauty competition in the Gel and Tip category by coming 1st in 2004.

12.15pm -1.15pm Sunita Passi & Bindi Shah, Ayurvedic Massage Therapy and its place in a Western Complementary Health Practice

Through her early experiences with an international news agency as a business journalist, Sunita Passi has developed a deep appreciation of the developed world to the emerging world. This has brought her closer to yoga and Ayurveda as a way to balance the corporate world with her growing need for a holistic lifestyle. Firmly believing Ayurveda is the best tonic to bring you back to balance, Sunita launched tri-Dosha at the beginning of the year with the aim of taking Ayurveda to a wider audience.
Certified in Ayurveda and Yoga in India, Bindi Shah’s path to Ayurveda started at the tender age of eleven when she attended an intensive dance-training programme. After achieving a Diploma in Bharatanatyam, her interest in vedic culture and subsequently Ayurveda and yoga grew. She believes the experience and instruction she gained in India has enabled her to help people with problems in their lives in an Ayurvedic holistic way.

The aim of this lecture is to consider the development of Ayurveda into the Western complementary health care market, and specifically focus on Ayurvedic massage techniques as a logical form of bodywork for holistic therapists. The lecture builds on some case studies and focuses on key issues and evidence showing the benefits of Ayurvedic massage techniques as a method of mind, body and spirit healing.

2pm – 3pm Alison Bourne, Colour Breathing

Alison Bourne is the author and inventor of Colour Breathing. She is a holistic therapist and has led meditation and personal development groups for more than fifteen years. Her aim is simply to help people to help themselves using Colour Breathing so they feel able to control any stress in their lives. As well as maintaining a private practice, she has specialised in Palliative Care, working as an Aromatherapist at her local hospice for six years.

Alison's lecture will introduce those attending to Colour Breathing techniques and will explain this exciting new way to relax, using seven compelling, concentric circles of pure colour, known as Colour Breathing Disks. The unique design and colouration of the disks has been found to have a hypnotic effect on the user, helping them to attain a state of deep and soothing relaxation.

3.15pm – 4.15pm Edith Maskell, Setting up in Business

Edith Maskell is Chair of the Complementary Therapist’s Association and still works as a multi disciplined practitioner in her own clinic which she set up in Kent 10 years ago. Throughout that time, Edith noticed that whilst “setting up in business” is a module within training, many therapists in complementary and alternative healthcare do not think of themselves as “setting up in business”.

Most businesses (in all fields) do not survive 5 years. Many therapists in complementary and alternative healthcare stop practising through lack of success after just one year of qualifying. Edith believes this may be because they do not ask themselves some simple questions, even before they start training.

This lecture is interactive and participative and will look at the risks of running a business from simple aspects like assessing what to do if clients miss appointments, complain or don’t want to come back, treatment charges and terms and conditions to business planning, accounting procedures, health and safety and other regulations, marketing, quality control and the pros and cons of trading as a limited company, partnership or sole trader.

Monday 12th September ‘05

11am – 12pm Lucy Ibbison, The Perfect Pitch
Lucy Ibbison is a freelance health and beauty journalist of many years experience. Previously she trained as an actress and singer and spent a number of years working in the professional theatre. Using Perfect Pitch techniques she has coached and direct
Rosemary Johnson
Jun 27 2005 11:23PM
I've now had the paper leaflets about booking form for these.
I'm a disabled person and have to be very careful about any events I book for, lest they turn out to be inaccessible, so I either can't go after all or even taht going makes my disability worse.
Who do I contact to find out about accessibility of these events?

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