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Posted by Daniel Di Pede, Aug 17 2013 4:14PM

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Massage agencies in London

Hello everyone,

I am a new Sport Massage therapist.
Do you know any good massage agencies I can work for? I have a lightish couch but not a car.

Any advice to give me?

Thanks in advance for your help.


London, N1
Kathleen Flynn Burnett
Aug 18 2013 4:48PM
I enjoyed working at RELAX in Brewer St for about 3 years. not great money but brilliant experience.
Amanda Tata
Aug 18 2013 10:30PM
You could try Nuffield Health. They manage gyms and well-being centres in many large companies, both in London and all round the country. As with many of these agencies, the money is not brilliant but it's a good place to get a regular weekly job (or monthly) and an excellent way to get experience of working in the corporate world. Persevere with them though, they can be pretty slow at responding ! Good luck.
Daniel Di Pede
Aug 22 2013 9:29AM
Hello Kathleen and Amanda,

Thanks a lot for your answers. I am going to contact those organisations.
Have a good day

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