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Posted by Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol), Sep 16 2013 11:36AM

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Bank scam

Just to warn everyone there is a new scam going around.

The alert below is from the official Barclays website, although I understand other banks are targetted too in a similar way.


Don't be a victim of this scam

An increasing number of people have been falling for a persuasive phone scam known as 'vishing'. Be on alert so you can protect yourself against it.
Fraudsters have been calling people and posing as someone from a bank's fraud investigation team, the police, a telephone or internet service provider, a utility company, etc. The scammers then try to get credit or debit card details, internet banking security codes, bank account details or other personal information.
Remember that banks and other legitimate organisations will never ask you for your sensitive information. Never give out your PINsentry code or PIN codes to anyone who contacts you.
Learn more about fraud and security.

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