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Posted by George Dunmow, Sep 25 2013 9:38AM

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There are many networking groups available, all meeting an expectation, sharing important business knowledge and making valuable connections for its members. SG1 Business Club takes business development and support a stage further.

SG1 is a select networking club providing support in growing members businesses. sharing ideas through discussion, news and tips for running a business, and the chance to meet others in similar situations.

SG1 Business Club meetings are very relaxed yet professional with a cost effective membership. There is no pressure, no big fees, just proven results for members, (one per sector).

Each Friday, we meet from 7.30am until 9am. We’re very relaxed and welcoming. We each have the opportunity to promote our businesses, plus enjoy a speaker or training session every week.

SG1 Business Club is a not for profit, powerful club run by the members, for the members.

If you would like to enjoy the supportive energy of this group, actually meet business professionals who can help your business grow, please contact us via email:
Amanda Clegg
Sep 25 2013 11:21AM
Would have been very useful if you had mentioned that it's Stevenage and surrounds - no use to me as in Surrey/Hants!
Angela Rawlins
Sep 26 2013 2:51PM
Do these business networking clubs actually work for Complementary Therapy? I've attended a few different ones in the past and haven't found them very successful. Ones I've attended, people seem more interested in promoting their businesses
Amanda Clegg
Sep 26 2013 3:03PM
yes Angela I agree - I guested at BNI a few times but found that their referral system just doesn't work for small (one-person)self-contained businesses. Also very expensive! I do find that informal networking works - ladies who latte and cappucino connections were good before Athena took them over.
Angela Rawlins
Sep 26 2013 3:07PM
Ahhhhhhhhh, Athena:)) Tried that, no luck there.

I must admit, I found them rather service orientated, tiling, accountancy, solicitors, block paving etc. :)) I do know someone who swears by BNI, can't mention her name as she's well known. So for some, it must work, just not my experience.
Margaret Marciniak
Nov 20 2013 5:19PM
I live in east devon and attending a marketing seminar for complimentary therapist tomorrow's will reply if Ifind
Any useful or handy tips.
Amanda Clegg
Nov 20 2013 6:47PM
Thanks, Margaret - that would be really useful
Angela Rawlins
Nov 20 2013 8:52PM
Thanks Margaret:)

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