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Posted by Casey Stewart-Smith, Sep 30 2013 12:45PM

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Consulation forms...

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on here so please bare with me if this question has already been asked. I think i do already have the answers in my head but as I'm new to this I would be extremely grateful for any advice you could give.

It’s just a quick query RE consultation forms. I qualified back in June and have been slowly building up some regular clients. I was just wondering what the best practice would be for repeating consult forms? I know it’s not necessary to complete the full form again straight away; I usually have a brief recap before they arrive and then ask them how they have been highlighting any new aches pains stresses etc.

Is it best to hand write new notes onto existing forms and additional paper or is there a secure programme I can use for the computer? Also I'm assuming its right that if any new contraindications arise then Dr's permission or a disclaimer/indemity would be appropriate? and cilent would also sign and date a new form to confirm.

When training we had to have our cilents fill out both a disclaimer and indemity, can I now use just the indemity? is this enough.

Many thanks x

Casey x

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 30 2013 2:35PM
Dear Casey,
First of all don’t follow the computer root as it is very complicated with the various legal procedures to follow.
I add any notes to the existing consultation form so to have all the information together. As you said, just how they felt after the last massage, what treatment I gave in the current one and the immediate outcome. If any new medical condition is disclosed, I ask for a doctor certificate OR an indemnity note signed by the client, whichever is more appropriate/required. This is also attached to the first consultation form.
When you will be treating lots of clients, you will not remember who they are or what you have done, especially if you see them again after a few years. Also, useful in case of an insurance claim or any other dispute.
Best regards,

Casey Stewart-Smith
Sep 30 2013 2:42PM
Thats great
Many thanks Giuseppe I really appreciate your advice

Casey x
Amanda Clegg
Sep 30 2013 11:58PM
I keep the original consultation form along with notes in transparent ring-binder sleeves in a file, one per client. It's then easy just to refer, update and file away. I use a photocopied diagram of a body outline, front and back view, on which to note any problems - eg circle around left shoulder and a notes to the side. I haven't got anyone to fill in whole new forms -just updates especially on any medication etc. I don't use the pc option a) due to regs regarding data protection etc, and also as if I'm taking notes during or just after a consultation, it's far quicker to write on paper, and your keyboard doesn't suffer from oily residue from your hands!
Casey Stewart-Smith
Oct 2 2013 11:39AM
Thank you Amnada that sounds like the best way forward. Recently spoke to someone else who updates onto a password protected USB stick and then backs up on office file, this seems simple but as you say the regulations are such that there could be loads of red tape not sure I'll ever be ready for that.

To start with I think I'll carry on writing my notes onto extra sheets and adding to my files. I like the idea of the diagram too, I think that would be very beneficial.

Thank you both so much for your help x

Wei Min Liang
Oct 2 2013 11:54AM
Dear All,
Thanks for the information posted by you.

Could anyone give me a sample of an indemnity note? I am very interested to know.



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