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Posted by Esther Bruer, Oct 1 2013 9:33PM

Please do not use forums to advertise courses.

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Advertising events on CTHA Facebook page

Hi There,

As a member of CTHA and taken out insurance through CTHA's recommendation and so far happy with it all,I wanted to know why with approvement of CTHA facebook page I am unable to advertise a free Theta Healing evening in my area. I am unable to offer discount or anything as the event is free but would have thought that advertising my event would make a lovely springboard for my business and for others to get to know what I am doing as a member of CTHA and to meet other like minded people.

Is there no way that a person, who is knowledgeable on what can and cannot be shown on CTHA Facebook could be an admin on CTHA facebook and therefore could allow posts to be posted legally on this page.

I mean with over 2000 likes it could be a lovely prosperous community to tap into. Of course there might be already something like this in progress and I have totally missed the memo. If that is so then please let me know if I would qualify for posting an event on CTHA Facebook.

What does CTHA think and others think?

Thank you,


Sue Hannaford
Oct 1 2013 10:04PM
I think it may be because it would be free advertising - same as you can't advertise courses on the forums here. You can apply to be approved provider/listed I think. There is a link to look at
Amanda Clegg
Oct 1 2013 11:56PM
I'm sure you can advertise course in the Events forum - that way an email gets sent out to everyone who subs to that thread - I do.

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