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Posted by Poppy Crichton, Jan 31 2007 9:56PM

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Would you be interested in attending short training courses held in Cornwall?

I am carrying out research to find out if members of CThA would travel to Cornwall or within Cornwall to attend high quality short courses on various complementary health subjects, approved by bodies, for instance, ITEC/CThA.

I live in Cornwall and have to travel to other counties for 1 to 5 day courses. I am hoping instead, to bring lecturers to Cornwall but first, have to find out if anyone else is interested.

Please email with your views.

Kind regards.

Sue Moore
Feb 6 2007 8:49AM
Hi, Poppy -

yes, I would be interested in coming to Cornwall for good quality and varied courses. Don't know where you are situated, but I am in Devon and it's about one and a half hours for me to get to Newquay area for example.

Poppy Crichton
Feb 6 2007 10:45PM
Hi Sue

thank you for replying. I will keep your details on file and keep you informed of what happens.

Sheena Hallett
Feb 10 2007 5:14PM
Hi Poppy,i would be interested in courses in cornwall.I am based in plmouth and find it difficult to find courses near me. Sheena Hallett.
Poppy Crichton
Feb 11 2007 7:16PM
Hi Sheena

thank you for replying. I will add your name to the list and inform you of what happens.

Sheena Hallett
Feb 12 2007 10:53AM
Thanks Poppy,that would be great,look forward to hearing from you.Sheena.
Nicki Lee
Feb 16 2007 10:49AM
Hi Poppy,

If you do find there are therapists in Cornwall who would like to attend courses, I am a tutor who is willing to travel and offer courses on-site. I teach advanced massage courses such as Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Technique, Soft Tissue Release, and others. If you're interested in discussing, please contact me on It can make more sense for one tutor to travel rather than a dozen students, and that will usually work out more economically for everyone.
Best wishes,
Nicki Lee
Poppy Crichton
Feb 19 2007 1:41PM
Hi Nicki

thank you for your reply. I will keep your details on file as we are in the early stages of planning and will contact you in due course.

kind regards

Sarah Humpston
Mar 14 2007 7:09PM
Hi Poppy,
I live near St. Ives in Cornwall and would be interested in attending short courses locally.I find it frustrating that all the courses of interest are out of the county. The advanced massage techniques Nicki Lee mentions sound interesting.
Kind regards Sarah
Julie Redman
May 16 2007 7:56PM
Hi Poppy

Yes I would be interested in attending short courses in Cornwall.

I live in Falmouth and it would be great not to have too travel too far.

Thanks for the idea.

All the best

Clare Lowing
Jun 22 2007 2:05PM

I would be interested. I live in Sidmouth in Devon.


Clare Lowing
Poppy Crichton
Aug 19 2007 6:52PM
To all those who replied to my email.

Firstly, my apologies for not returning emails recently but I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and work has been the last thing on my mind. All is going well now, I'm about to have my final session of chemotherapy, then radiotherapy, herceptin and tamoxifen.

Back to short training courses. I spoke to Sarah Greenhalgh who runs the new Complementary Health School at Cornwall College near Camborne at the beginning of the year, with regards to short courses. They said they intended to along side diploma and degree courses, more information can be found at or by contacting Sarah direct on

I hope this helps.

Kind regards.

Poppy Crichton
Mike Colquhoun
Sep 18 2007 11:33AM
hi Poppy hope you are recovering dramatically!
Have a look at you might find it utterly boreing or mildly interesting.
but mainly get well.
Karen Thompson
Jan 23 2011 7:24PM
Hi poppy
I too would be interested in attending courses in Cornwall at the moment I am attending palliative care course in Stockton please add me to your list Best wishes Karen Thompson

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