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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Nov 15 2013 6:56PM

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Magnetic therapy

I read and love the experience and knowledge I get from here. I have been asked by a Nikken representative to become part of their enterprise. Its magnetic therapy from a highly regarded company. Does anyone have views about magnetic therapy, Nikken as a company, and/or recommending magnetic products to clients. All views most welcome. Kind regards jane
Carla Hanreck
Nov 20 2013 9:52PM
Magnets are indeed a very powerful tool to aid repair of muscles, bones, promote blood flow and general health promotion. However - not everyone can tolerate magnets. Some people are too sensitive for them and find it just drains them. Also, you can test if the person's own polarity is revered in which case magnets will not work. I use muscle or energy testing which is also called kinesiology to find this out. I do use magnets but a one size fits all is not true. I know of the Nikken magnets and as a product yes they have merit but as I said they are in my opinion a blunt tool. Learn to muscle test - it is not difficult - then you can with confidence know if they will help your clients. And Nikken selling - well, the system of pyramid selling is now I think illegal but variances of it exist - do you buy off another person who buys off another person... will you find the only way to make real income is to recruit others....
Jane Hopwood
Nov 21 2013 7:01AM
Thanks for your reply. It has been most helpful.
Carla Hanreck
Nov 21 2013 4:48PM
Also meant to say that the humblest of magnets can be very effective - and by this I mean craft magnets that cost about £1.00 for ten. These are the size of say the backs of fridge magnets. And magnets can be bought cheaply via chinese medicine outlets - it is the gauze strength of the magnets that is the issue not the size. Best of luck.
Jane Hopwood
Nov 21 2013 8:09PM
Thank you. I am so glad I put this post on. Your information and advice is fantastic. j
Carla Hanreck
Nov 25 2013 9:32AM

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