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Posted by Mariette Lobo, Feb 5 2007 8:01AM

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Tayforth Contact List : URGENT

My computer is playing up and I have, unfortunately, "lost" many of the Tayforth email addresses I had keyed in.

Please could you email me your email address as soon as possible? The alternative is for you to look at the CThA/Tayforth Web Forum page for any news/updates as you won't get them by email any more. Even once the technical problem is sorted, I'll still need your email addresses.

Many thanks.

Jacqueline Riegel
Feb 5 2007 6:59PM
Dear Mariette,
I would be pleased if you could tell me if the workshops you posted on the 5th Feb carry any CPD points
Many thanks
Jacqui Riegel

jacqui.riegel@btinternet .com
Mariette Lobo
Feb 5 2007 9:21PM
Each local group meeting counts for 2 points and these workshops are an extension of our local group meetngs. So, though the workshops themselves are not CThA accredited they would still qualify for points. You'd have to ring Embody to find out how many or look up your previous CPD form which lists different activities (whether or not CThA accredited) and the points allocated.


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