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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Nov 20 2013 12:49PM

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Magnetic therapy

I read and love the experience and knowledge I get from here. I have been asked by a Nikken representative to become part of their enterprise. Its magnetic therapy from a highly regarded company. Does anyone have views about magnetic therapy, Nikken as a company, and/or recommending magnetic products to clients. All views most welcome. Kind regards jane
Frank Thorogood
Nov 20 2013 1:16PM
Hi Jane,

I purchased a Nikken Jacket in the early 1990`s.

I am still using it now and find it comfortable, warm and relaxing.

I have not found any problems when wearing it, and it aches and pains do disappear after wearing it.

Hilary Ellis
Nov 20 2013 1:39PM
Hello Jane
I have used magnets with crystals for a while now for body treatments and have had really good positive results. I also have a magnetic bracelet which has proved to be rather disappointing for me as it has made no difference to my aches and pains.
Angela Rawlins
Nov 20 2013 3:01PM
Hi, I've been a magnetic therapist of some years. I am Norstar trained. Use them for people and animals

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