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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Dec 4 2013 4:49PM

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Hot stone massage treatment price

I do value the advice I receive here. So here is my query. I am based in a small market town in Worcestershire. I charge £30 for holistic massage (ITEC) but really do not know the price I should be charging for Itec qualified hot stone massage. I have been trying to work this out for months. I would be so grateful for your comments on pricing this as I know you will be accurate. Our town in very slow at the moment as one of our bridges is closed and so there is not as much custom as normal. I do have my regular clients for all types of massage I offer - including remedial. My hot stone massage is also remedial but there are not many businesses in my town to compare prices with. I need to introduce some new client to my treatments - so what do you think a hot stone remedial massage should be priced at. I want to keep clients and gain some new. Kind regards and would be grateful for your advice. Jane
Jo Webb
Dec 4 2013 6:44PM
I charge £30 for massage & £35 for hot stone, we are not an affluent area but you don't want to underprice
Amanda Clegg
Dec 4 2013 6:49PM
I too ad £5 for hot stone - it's more oil, more electricity for the heater, more clearing up after, and the training was qutie expensive.

However, I do use them a bit in my normal massage, mainly as a hand-saver for me - I now have arthritic thumb joints, and as a quick way of warming muscles in prep for deep work, Don't charge extra for this.
Jane Hopwood
Dec 5 2013 6:13AM
Thank you both.

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