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Posted by Edel Galvin, Feb 7 2007 1:52PM

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I was asked recently if there is any proof that reflexology works other than to relax? Ie: if it can really identify/treat internal imbalances/problems. What answer could i give to convince?!
Julio Moreno
Feb 10 2007 10:23AM

Hi, Edel!

How are you today?

Thank you for questioning with this really good one. I sometimes ask myself the same without noticing that reflexology is more than a simply relaxing therapy. There are many things happening inside our bodies after receiving reflexology but how can we see it all. Just to mention some of the effects, it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which work together in order to create homeoestasis or inner balance, thus making all the rest of body systems to work optimally.

I hope that this is fine. Anyway if you need further help please do not hesitate in doing so,

Edel Galvin
Feb 12 2007 10:22PM
Thank You Julio for your help however i think this person wanted to know if there was any material proof like sinentific reserch or experiments done. I know it all sounds abit secpticall but i suppose anyone without any experience of this thearpy would be!!

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