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Posted by Linda Morrissey, Jan 15 2014 7:36PM

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How soon to re commence full body massage after heart attack ?

I have a client in her 70's who has been having once a month full body massages for several years, she recently suffered a heart attack she cancelled the next appointment but wishes to start her treatments again.

Her doctor has agreed and says light massage only. Has anybody else had the same problem ?

I am minded to start with a session of reflexology and see how she responds to that .......any thoughts ?

Any help gratefully received ,

Henry Watson
Sep 27 2014 8:36AM
Follow the instructions of the Qualified Medical Practitioner - Recording this in your notes, of course.
Linda Morrissey
Sep 27 2014 9:01AM

Hello Henry,

Thanks for your reply Henry .............. - that's exactly what I ended up doing 😃👍 .

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