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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Jan 26 2014 6:25PM

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Bursitis of the hip

Hi, I have read up on this and understand massage is contra-indicated in acute cases. My client has asked for any advice I can give her. I have some but wondered if anyone here has ssomething I could add to it. Kind regards Jane
Marianne Free Allitt
Jan 26 2014 6:31PM
I've had bursitis now for almost 2 years. In fact I had a massage on it yesterday. I find it soothing. I don't think I'd like a firm massage on it when it's really bad as I'd probably jump thru the roof but I do find comfort in gentle effluage when it's painful. I've also had chiropractic treatments on it to but both short lasting. For me the only thing that helps is cortisone injections but I've just found out from my gp that I'm only allowed 3 in my lifetime for this condition as can cause long lasting irreversible ligament damage so have now been referred to physio. I hope that helps in some way from a therapist & personal point of view x
Jane Hopwood
Jan 26 2014 6:51PM
Thank you for your reply.
Angela Rawlins
Jan 26 2014 9:07PM
My sister swore by lavender oil in the bath fir her shoulder. Consult an aromatherapist
Jane Hopwood
Jan 27 2014 7:07AM
Jane Hopwood
Jan 27 2014 7:07AM
Thank you Angela.
Sue Hannaford
Jan 27 2014 7:34PM
I would consider treating - but around the area rather than on it (obviously!) - so work at releasing all the thigh muscles and some slow, careful compression of gluteals.
Jane Hopwood
Jan 28 2014 6:03PM
Thank you for the reply

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