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Posted by Jacqueline Pereira, Feb 4 2014 12:01AM

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Website Design

Hi All

Could someone recommend me a good website designer who is good with words. I Havn't got a clue about creating a website so any advice would be good.

Thanks in advance

Jacqueline Pereira
Sue Hannaford
Feb 4 2014 9:11AM
I know an excellent web designer - but you will always need to come up with your own words or employ a copywriter - web designers design the site, its look and feel and its functionality based on what you want it to do etc - but you are the expert in what you do and what you want to offer to clients. Hope that helps....
Amanda Clegg
Feb 4 2014 12:16PM
My sister Lis is a journalist/sub-editor/copywriter who will do brilliant words for you, and advise about layout etc. but doesn't do the techie bits (tho' with Wordpress, vistaprint or similar 'off the peg' sites it's pretty easy to DIY. pm me via my business listing and I'll pass on her contact details.
Jacqueline Pereira
Feb 4 2014 8:57PM
Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

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